Balance Carried Over/Balance Owing on Invoices?

AsheAUSAsheAUS Member Posts: 3

Hey Guys,

Is there a way to show an outstanding balance on the next Invoice I send the customer; and if not, what would be the best way to work around this?

Example: I have a customer who only paid $450 towards a $500 invoice. On the next Invoice I want to display a "Balance Carried Over/Outstanding Balance" for $50 so that they pay what is outstanding along with their next invoice.



  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,535 admin

    Hey there @AsheAUS

    Wave does not have a way to carry over a balance at this point though this is a request we've heard from our users. We do have a workaround for this in Wave however! You can create a new item on your invoice and call it "balance" (of whatever you find appropriate) then create a negative amount. This will reduce the invoice by that balance which is still owed minus what they paid.

    Hope this screenshot helps!

  • Dereck_2018Dereck_2018 Member Posts: 2
    The problem with doing that is that the open invoice amount (balance) being added again, is now an additional charge on the customer account. This will skew the customer balances.

    It would be good to have an option to “Display Open invoices on Current invoice”, or an option to display the customer Balance on the Invoice.
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