Accounting entries differs will bill amount

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I have entered a purchase bill which total up to 146.05. However, in the accounting transaction listing, the purchase was listed as 146. But the payment made was listed the correct amount of 146.05. This led to a outstanding amount of -.05 which was not able to be removed. There are a few other bills which has this problem as well. I tired keying in a new bill and the same happened also.

Appreciate any assistance.

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  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,794 admin

    Hey @JeremyTeong , thanks for reaching out. Can you send a screenshot of the Accounting transaction that you mentioned which is listed as $146 instead of $146.05?

    Also, how do you mark your Bills as paid? Do you do it through the Bill itself?

    Let us know!

  • JeremyTeongJeremyTeong Member Posts: 3

    Hi @AlexL , thanks for the response. I did it through the Bill itself. I realized the problem was due to decimal place in my quantity and price. I resolved it by changing my quantity to 1 and the price to the final figure.

    This means that despite your invoice adding up all items into $146.05, your accounting entries will take up the aggregate of each item whereby the decimal places led to a 5 cents different.
    At the same time, your invoice total adopts the line amount shown in two decimal places. I hope what I"m saying is clear.


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