Invoices Not Displaying

JakeCJakeC Member Posts: 1

Hi There,

I created ~100 invoices from the API and they all correctly display in the invoice section of Wave. However, when I look at the dashboard or reports for the amount of income/cash collected, it doesn't display all of it. About $5,000 worth of payments have been collected, but Wave is only displaying ~$1,000 worth in the various reports.

When I download all of the invoices from the API and add them in Excel it displays the correct amounts.

Does it just take time for this to update in the dashboard and reports? Or am I missing something?



  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,535 admin

    Hey there @JakeC

    The dashboard only displays your accounts receivable in accrual, but not cash collected. Are you able to head to your profit and loss report under the reports section > Change the accounts receivable to cash based and let us know if you're still seeing a similar issue with your accounting?

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