Auto save while creating an estimate

AjoatAjoat Member Posts: 2

I can't count the number of times I have lost hours of work creating an estimate, adding line after customized line of new items/services, only to lose it all because I step away from my laptop for a bit without clicking save. I realize this more of a user error, but it's reasons like this that make an auto save feature so important. Even now, as I type this , I see a pop-up on the left of my screen, if I pause for 10 seconds, that says , Draft Saved at 1:07PM. I'd love to see that pop up everywhere I have to enter/edit/add info on Wave.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,946 admin

    Hey @Ajoat , thanks for leaving us with this feature idea and providing the use case for it. I can't say that this is on our short term road map at the moment, but details on how features like this would help you on a user level help our product team prioritize which features to create. Thanks again!

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  • bigscurrybearbigscurrybear Member Posts: 2

    I second this. I have lost multiple invoices and estimates because the session times out and when I go to log back in all work is lost. Auto save should be a top priority, every other software I have used in the last 10 years auto saves so it is a major learning curve to have to push the save and continue button constantly. Pretty ridiculous, even gmail will auto save unfinished emails into a draft. If this is not corrected soon I will take my business elsewhere.

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