Add the NEW Apple Credit Card to Wave

oliveoil109oliveoil109 Member Posts: 4

Hello, I love wave apps, and I wanted to connect and add my new credit card from Apple!

But I noticed that you don't have that implemented yet. Please add asap. Thank you!


  • PadrePPadreP Member Posts: 4

    I second the request!

  • AZ_FinservAZ_Finserv Member Posts: 2

    Team, can u pls comment.
    Is this in progress? When can we expect this feature?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @AZ_Finserv

    As you may already know Wave uses a 3rd party banking aggregator called Plaid to "scrape" the information securely from your banking transactions page, then convert it to a transaction in Wave. At this point It seems that Plaid has not yet integrated with this particular credit card.

    I understand how this may affect your accounting. I am sure that you've already been giving instructions on how to manually upload your transactions but just to be sure I'll post those below:

    Wave has a couple of options when it comes to uploading your transactions without a bank connection:

    CSV Uploader

    Using our CSV uploader. With the proper formatting, you are able to download a CSV document containing all of your transactions from your online banking website, and upload them directly to Wave. Check out this article on Troubleshooting your csv upload if you run into any problems when uploading your transactions.

    Wave Connect

    My personal favorite method is WAVE CONNECT.
    Wave Connect allows you to upload or download transactional data, invoices, customer lists, etc, into a Google spreadsheet. Your excel files can be easily transferred into a Google Spreadsheet as well. See this image below of what Wave Connect looks like:
    image All you need to do is input the transactional information into a template that is generated through the add-on feature in Google sheets and it auto-populates right into your Wave account once you've validated the data.

    Given that our partnership with our third-party bank aggregator may cause communication errors between your bank account and Wave, please know that we always serve up alternative methods to using Wave until that connection is successful once again.

    Hope this helps, please don't hesitate to reach out if you need further clarification.

    Take care!

  • Richard321Richard321 Member Posts: 2

    I hope this will get sorted out with Plaid soon.

  • JessTJessT Member Posts: 1

    Please get onto this ASAP!

  • TB_NYCTB_NYC Member Posts: 1

    Please please update this!

  • NancyCNancyC Member Posts: 148 admin

    Hi @Richard321 @JessT @TB_NYC

    As Apple Card isn't currently supported by our third-party banking aggregator, Plaid, but please be assure they're always adding new institutions to the integrations list, so I recommend submitting a request for Apple Card as well.

    You can do this from the Connected Accounts page. Search for Apple Card and select Can't find your bank? Let us know and upload a statement to fill out the name and website URL. The submission will be sent directly to our data aggregator for review:

  • J_FJ_F Member Posts: 2

    Privacy is very important to Apple. Not so much for Plaid, the "aggregator" used by wave. Wave should consider moving out of Plaid, for the sake of its clients' privacy and security.

    A few links if you want to know more:

    Someone else asking for the same thing in Reddit

    Why Plaid is evil

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