Etsy and Shoeboxed Integrations will cease on 31st July, 2020



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    @Akashpaul said:
    Hello guys!

    Thanks, @PaulC for mentioning Integromat.

    I'm Akash from the Integromat team. We are working on a few templates for Etsy and Wave this will help you to create a scenario in Integromat in few steps. Once it is published I will post another comment.

    I'm also sharing a detailed step by step guide -

    Scenario Goal - Watch for New Shop Receipts and add it as a transaction in the Wave account.

    Step 1 -

    Open your Integromat Dashboard - Select Create a New Scenario

    Step 2 - Select Etsy and Wave from the list of the apps and press continue

    Step 3 - Add Etsy > Watch Shop Receipts module and configure the Shop Id and select New Shop Receipt from the option.

    This module will look for new records as per your schedule your scenario.

    Step 4 - Add the next module Etsy > Find Transactions and configure as follows.

    Select Search By - Shop Receipts
    Select the Same Shop id from the previous step.
    Enable the receipt id map option and map the receipt id from the Watch Shop receipts module output.

    Step 5 - Add Wave > Create a transaction module and map the parameters as shown below.

    Step 6 - Schedule your scenario as per your convenient

    Here you can learn more about scenario scheduling - Scheduling a scenario

    Hope this helps, should you require further assistance please feel free to contact Integromat support

    Best regards,


    Thanks Akash for providing this. However, when I set this this up. it returns a BundleValidationError. 'Missing value of required parameter "Line Items".'

    What am I missing?

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    I just tried setting this up and I am getting the same error as KKraft. Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

    • Missing value of required parameter 'Line Items'.
      Any updates on this? Have other people tried it and had success?
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    Well, so much for the Integromat integration. It won't create any transactions to Wave.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @Akashpaul , are you able to give these users a hand?

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    I'm having such a hard time with Etsy and Wave. I'm having to create monthly journal entries to account for all the fees Etsy charges me. This is suck a pain in the butt to have to do. Even with the integration that's mentioned above, this doesn't seem to be the focus of the info input into Wave. All people need is the Income they made and all the fees they were charged in order to have their accounting software match what Etsy is going to submit to the US Government via 1099 at the end of the year. I don't need Wave to tell me each and every purchase my shop has, just the monthly income and fees incurred in my Etsy shop.

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