Duplicate Deposits when Synchronizing Bank Account

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When I receive a manual check payment against an invoice, it credits my bank account. Then, when I synchronize my bank account, it shows the same credit from when I deposited the check. What is the best practice to handle this duplicate transaction?


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    Hi @threehorn - thanks for reaching out to us on the Community! You bring up a great question here. Normally, when you have a bank connection in Wave, invoice payments that are manually recorded will often duplicate with the deposit transaction you receive from your bank connection. The best practice here is to merge the two transactions together when they appear.

    To merge, go to Accounting > Transactions, select the checkboxes next to the transactions and click merge up top - near the delete button.

    However, there is another process you can try that would avoid having duplicates in the first place. Instead of recording the payment on the invoice, you can leave it unpaid until you receive the deposit transaction from your bank connection. When the deposit comes through, you can categorize the transaction as a Payment Received for an Invoice in Wave and then select the outstanding invoice. This will mark the invoice as paid without having to create a separate transaction for it. Hope this helps!

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    The second process seems to be the best solution. I appreciate it!


  • threehornthreehorn Member Posts: 3

    Sorry, another question though....

    One of the deposits that came through was for two invoices. It cannot merge one deposit with two payments even though they total the same.

    Can I delete the two payments and reprocess this as you described in the second solution above?

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    Hey @threehorn , thanks for getting back! You got it, you can delete the payments and then reassign them to the invoices individually if that's what works best for you! :)

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