Splitting an Invoice Payment

TheCoffeeTree_1507TheCoffeeTree_1507 Member Posts: 2

Hi all ... I have a customer who paid for an invoice using 50% as cash, 30% was a deposit into the bank account and 20% was via PayPal. How do I split this payment in order to balance with my bank statement?


  • JessGJessG Administrator Posts: 54 admin

    Hey @TheCoffeeTree_1507 , it sounds like you're manually adding payments to this invoice. In this case, make sure that when you're recording the payment to that invoice, you add the payments separately to indicate the different payment venues.

    Head to Sales > Invoices > Select the Invoice > Record a Payment.

    Record those payments individually like so:

    Your Payment log should look like so:

    Hope this helps!

  • TheCoffeeTree_1507TheCoffeeTree_1507 Member Posts: 2

    You're a star - thanks very much!

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