Lock the transaction

nirzalnirzal Member Posts: 5

Accounting transaction should not deleted rather it should be rectified by adding rectification entry. Therefore, It will be better if the transaction will be locked after any of following two events;
1. reconciliation done by the user or
2. Transactions reviewed by the reviewer.


  • JessGJessG Member Posts: 54 admin

    Hey @nirzal thank you for forwarding your idea to us! As you know, unlike other accounting platforms that lock your reconciled or year-end historical data, Wave allows you to edit and make adjustments at any time. This means that your previous reconciliation/revisions never really "close" or "lock". This is has shows to be a desired feature with our users so they can adjust as needed.

    I'd love to hear more on how you're hoping to use this feature and how it would improve your bookkeeping workflow! We'd love to hear more details on this! As always, we'd be happy to share your thought to the product development team for consideration next software update!

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