Looking for a Wave bookkeeper to help with my books and tax prep in the USA

christopher_pdxchristopher_pdx Member Posts: 2

Hey everyone!
I'm looking for a bookkeeper to help me with my books for tax filing. I started a business in 2019 and I need some help with the books. Don't have too many transactions so shouldn't take too long. But it's super confusing to me. HELP! :smile:


  • MBHSouthAfrica20MBHSouthAfrica20 Member Posts: 6

    Good day Christopher

    I am a professional Financial Accountant. How can I assist you? Where are you based. Fees are really affordable.

  • MBHSouthAfrica20MBHSouthAfrica20 Member Posts: 6

    Your business will be treated as unique as mine. You will receive excellent service and according to time.

  • ClaudineBriderClaudineBrider Member Posts: 2

    Hello Christopher,
    I am wondering if you are still in need of a bookkeeper to assist you with your 2019 books for tax filing. I would like the opportunity to discuss your needs. Tax day is coming soon and you will need to provide your information to your tax person soon. Depending on how your business is organized, I can file your taxes for you as well.

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