How to add multiple default emails to a customer's contact information

OutLoudStudioOutLoudStudio Member Posts: 1

I tried separating 2 emails with a comma for my customer's contact details. I know I can add second emails when sending invoices, but most of my invoices go out automatically and this customer would prefer to get emails to 2 inboxes.



  • BarsinBarsin Member, Moderator Posts: 2,041 ✭✭✭

    Hey there @OutLoudStudio

    Currently Wave does not offer this feature within this version of our app. We're always looking for feedback from our customers on how we can improve our software with every update we make. So we appreciate you reaching out about this and you should know that our developers are always parsing through the community looking for feature updates requested by our users.

    Take care!

  • IsabelleIsabelle Member Posts: 1

    I have this issue as well. I need to send my invoices to 1 person and 1 cc'ed. Please add this feature!

  • mishtcmishtc Member Posts: 18

    Agreed. When sending an invoice to our main client, I need to send the invoice to the company owner and to their bookkeeper. I have to look up and manually type in the owner email everytime I bill them, which is frequently.

  • PeteCPeteC Member Posts: 2

    Hopefully this gets implemented soon as I've seen this request going back 2017!
    Here's hoping :)

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