RefreshAuthError for WaveApps in Zapier

christypricechristyprice Member Posts: 10

I have Zapier set up to send transactions to Wave. It has been working like a charm for months until a few days ago. Every transaction requires me to go in and refresh my Wave account connection in Zapier. Zapier says it's a Wave change - anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?


  • CalliePCallieP Member Posts: 439 admin

    Hi @christyprice , thanks for posting! I can confirm that on our end, we were getting some volume in general about an increase in this type of error, and our engineering team has been working on rolling out a fix. They've launched a couple of changes, but we won't be able to tell if they have worked until the next time the account connects, and then we can determine if it shows errors. Have you noticed any improvements on your end already? If not, would you be able to let us know if there are changes after the next time it reconnects? Thanks so much for working with me on this one!

  • christypricechristyprice Member Posts: 10

    Hi @CallieP, I reset my connection last night and received another error just now. So no improvements here. Thanks for troubleshooting this. I hope it will be resolved soon!

  • christypricechristyprice Member Posts: 10

    Hi @CallieP. I got another error yesterday after resetting my connection again. Any timeline on a fix? Thanks!

  • christypricechristyprice Member Posts: 10

    Hi @CallieP. I refresh my connection after each error. I'm still getting errors today. Can you please let me know if the team is working on this? I love Wave, but will need to look for another solution if this isn't resolved soon.

  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @christyprice , our team is working on fixing this one but we haven't success quite yet. No ETA at the moment but we're hoping that a fix comes soon 🤞

  • ElaineNew21ElaineNew21 Member Posts: 2
    Hi there, since 1 week ago, I have been having the same issues for every transaction from Zapier. I've contacted them and they said it's Wave that needs to fix it. Any updates on this please?
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