Manually enter sales tax on invoice

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I am invoicing a client for travel-related expenses incurred - airline ticket, uber/taxi and parking. The problem I'm running into is the airline ticket with tax applied on some parts of the ticket cost, but not all.

I need the ability to override the system calculated tax on an invoice like I can on a purchase. Otherwise, I end up overcharging the client and my remittance is higher by $84.73, the difference between what we paid in tax vs. invoiced.
I could enter each line tax by tax but the challenge there is I end up with a negative adjustment and a rather long invoice:

What I'd like is the ability to override the tax amounts on an invoice like on a purchase:



  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 360 admin

    Hi @jthompson , thanks for your message here! I'm afraid the ability to override tax rates on invoices is not something our developer team is currently working on. In this case, I'd recommend adding a negative adjustment as you have there as a workaround. Thanks for testing this out!

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