[New] Pause payroll with a limited access subscription

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image[New] Pause payroll with a limited access subscription

Need to pause your payroll? We can help. Get the information and support your business needs with Wave’s updated subscription options. 
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Limited Access Pricing

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  • chadderp1chadderp1 Member Posts: 1

    How much is the reduced pricing for limited access? I'm in VA and normal is 35/month.

  • JawwadJawwad Administrator Posts: 1 admin

    @chadderp1 said:
    How much is the reduced pricing for limited access? I'm in VA and normal is 35/month.

    @chadderp1 the current price for limited access subscription in VA is $17 per month. You can see more pricing details under the "Limited Access Pricing" section of this page.

  • SPSC_TreasurerSPSC_Treasurer Member Posts: 3

    This is fantastic. We are a small community pool with seasonal employees and a volunteer board, and Wave has been a fantastic solution for our accounting, especially payroll. This option provides flexibility and expense management - thank you!

  • ILPILP Member Posts: 8
    Is it possible to completely pause the payroll service without having to pay while we're not using it, then resume when we need it? We are looking at hiring an employee for a few weeks in the spring and fall, but won't need payroll services (the and would rather not pay for them) the rest of the year.

    On the features list on the main payroll selling webpage, it says we can deactivate the account when not needed, but I'm not sure if that's the same as the limited access this article discusses. Also, are there disadvantages to deactivating & reactivating the account multiple times? (For example, will we have to re-enter a lot of information each time.)

    Also, is the monthly fee according to the calendar month or does it start a month whenever we start the service? And does the service need to be in place only at the time we run payroll or starting when the employee is hired? For example, if we will have an employee June 29-July 10, with just one pay period, will we need to pay for both June & July? Or is the first month considered June 29-July 28? Or does the service just need to be active at the time of payroll (July 10 in this example)?

    Thanks for your help!
  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 439 admin

    Hi @ILP , thanks for these great questions! I'll answer each below.

    Q: Can you pause payroll without paying for it?
    A: If you want to use the pause payroll feature outlined here, then no - you must pay the paused rate for the subscription if you want to pause it only. If you would prefer not to pay, when not using it, then you'll need to cancel your subscription, and then reactivate when you need access again.

    Q: What's the difference between pausing and deactivating?
    A: Pausing enables you to have access to your tax forms and other features outlined in this article. When you deactivate your account, access to these features is not available at all. If you pause, you don't have to re-enter info for features such as direct deposit. So, the idea is: if you plan to use payroll again soon, pausing is a great option. If you don't plan on using payroll in future or near enough future, deactivating is the way to go.

    Q: How are the months broken out in payroll?
    A: The months are calendar months. If you will have any payroll services running across months, both months will be charged.

    Thanks again for reaching out!

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