is it possible to create new estimate through API currently?

simongccsimongcc Member Posts: 4

Would like to create estimate through the API to provide a complete workflow internally. Is it possible?

Many thanks.

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  • PaulCPaulC Member Posts: 186 ✭✭✭

    Hi @simongcc,

    Thanks for your message. We don't have any API support for Estimates at this time.

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to suggest what the timeline for adding this might be.

  • solosailssolosails Member Posts: 26

    This to me seems like an essential option - I have raised a similar post aking exactly the same - the ability to form complicated quotes in external systems like spreadsheets or even programmatically created quotes from an online form etc also have the requirement to be able to import the results via API which would save hours of manual time and hopefully reduce manual input errors as well.

    It seems odd that a customer can be created, an invoice can be created, a payment can be created, but not an estimate - the starting point for a lot of business transactions.

    PLEASE PLEASE etc add this ability! Thanks.

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  • simongccsimongcc Member Posts: 4

    I find it in their roadmap and they have an abstract already in the API list. I think they are not sure of the exact timeframe yet. It's good enough to know that they have it in the plan. Hopefully it could be available within maybe half a year or 1 year. If it is starting point of every business, I think it worth. Many integrations will occur. Solutions could be made for solution providers. Have a great potential definitely.

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  • DeeDzDeeDz Member Posts: 1

    This will be so useful, I am mainly interested in the viewing of the estimates, please can we have this soon <3

  • AndrethAndreth Member Posts: 1

    Would love this; especially as an option in the Google sheets connector. It doesn't make a lot of sense that we can import invoices but not estimates.

  • _Derek__Derek_ Member Posts: 62 ✭✭

    Any updates on this?

    Love WaveApps quotes and invoices but we keep running into issues where Wave doesn't quite enough everything we need but then we also can't do the last 10% ourselves because wave doesn't provide the required integration.

  • tenmilezonetenmilezone Member Posts: 1

    @PaulC Any update on this ?
    We might have to dump WaveApp because we can not list or create estimates. Do you have at least a time frame ?

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