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Hi, I found that previously when I data export the data from Wave, it will show all list including an excel/CSV sheet named "invoice items" but unfortunately lately I try to export again, I only get accounting, bill items, vendors & customers. May I know where I can get back the "Invoice Items". This sheet is very useful if it still exists so I can download it & do in excel to calculate the inventory of quantity. Please advise! Thanks~


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    Hey there @ALNQ

    Recently, Wave made a change to the way that our invoicing software runs. We've updated to a newer, more stable build, which is going to let us roll out updates and perform maintenance on a more consistent basis, with much less worry of downtime. Unfortunately, a side effect of this change is that the Invoices folder will no longer appear in your Account Data Exports. We are working on reimplementing this within the Wave environment, but do not have an ETA of when that might happen. We appreciate your patience in the meantime, and recommend using Wave Connect to acquire that data until the feature is rolled out.

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    Thank you for reaching out to me. The message noted but I hope you can have back the invoice items or products items available download. My objective is to get the products inventory units & it is in the invoice item folder previously. In the Wave Connect it shows no products attached but only invoice total & invoice paid amount. Hope I clarify it.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hey @ALNQ! Unfortunately those files are not available in those download folders, but our teams are looking into getting this functionality restored in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

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    Hi Connor,

    Thanks for the update & looking forward from your update!.

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