Re-entering bank info: importing transactions

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Hi all! I'm sure an issue many have had. My transactions from Simmons Bank in Nashville, Tn. have stopped importing as of 4 days ago. On average it may not import for a day or so at most. My Bank did just up grade its website, if that may have something to do with it. They now require 2 step verification. Other than that nothing. So, I'm currently manually entering them....
Is there a way to force an import of Banking info? Toggle the on/off switch? Check Banking info and confirm within Wave? Confirm a connection from Bank to Wave? Delete the Checking Account and re-add it (hopefully not that)?
I did submit a ticket yesterday and haven't heard back yet, except that they received it. One last thing, in the Dashboard as of yesterday it doesn't even show an amount now. It just reads Simmons Bank and the word Payments and the last 3 of the account. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Its been a week now (12th) since this started and everything is still the same. This can't be that complicated to resolve... I'm guessing. Still no response on the support ticket (submitted on the 16th). Still no feed back from anyone in the Wave World either.
    I did toggle the on/off switch with no result. I'm still manually entering my bank transactions.

    Come'on, somebody step to the plate and take a swing at this for me... Please!

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    Hey there @Houston

    My apologies you're experiencing these issues with your bank connection. Plaid's integration with Wave does not offer 2FA (2 factor authentication) at this point unfortunately. I believe this might be blocking your transactions from importing. If you disabled it I'm curious whether this would work again?

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    Ahhhhhh finally somebody! Thanks for responding....
    So your're telling me that Simmons Bank Nashville is the only bank with this 2FA?
    Can I contact my bank? Or just do manual transactions fooooooorever?
    My CPA mentioned he's seen this in Wave before and at so point they will work themselves out and start communicating again (My Bank and Wave).
    Again, this has all been working fine up till about a week and half ago.
    Anymore input concerning this is greatly appreciated... Thanks!

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    Hey there @Houston

    Your bank is not the only bank with 2FA, however if the setting is turned on the connection will likely not import transactions into Wave until an update with our data aggregator and Wave has been made. My apologies about this!

    As more banks implement 2FA we're hoping that an update is made soon in order for a proper connection to be made within Wave and our user's bank accounts. You should be able to disable this form your bank in the meantime if you'd like to resume transactions.

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    Thanks! I'll do that!

    Well, I just disabled it in my online bank account, then I couldn't get into my bank account online without setting it up again, Ugggggg!
    Anymore suggestions would be appreciated my friend?
    Sounds like I may be at a dead end...

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    May 22, 2020, 3:21:28 PM EDT
    Hi Houston,
    Qais here from Wave - thanks for reaching out!
    There seems to be ongoing issues between our data provider and Simmons Bank with regards to importing transactions at the moment. We have made our data provider aware of these ongoing issues and they are working towards a resolution soon. I do not have an ETA for these fixes at the moment, but can assure you that it is on its way.
    To keep on top of your bookkeeping and get your transactions in to Wave in the meantime, you can check out some great alternatives below:
    1 Upload bank and credit card statements
    2 Wave Connect: Easily import and export data with Wave's Google Sheets add-on.

    Hope this helps to clear things up! If I can assist you further, please let me know.
    Thanks again for reaching out,
    Customer Support Specialist


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    I was just on the phone with Simmons support and there is no way to turn off 2FA. They also have no app specific password option. I hate when engineering departments release half baked features. I guess we'll have to wait. I'm going to try manual export/import in the meantime. That WAVE google sheets option is intriguing.

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    Yeah, I toggle my on and off switch every few days now and edit the date so that when it does straighten itself out an in rush of transactions don't come in all at once. So In the meantime I manually enter them now...
    Please let me know if you find out anything else. Thanks!

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