Unable to set-up payments and can't get any support

DelphDelph Member Posts: 3

While in the process of migrating my billing & payments from Square, I am having trouble setting-up Payments in Wave. I have an error message asking to contact customer support but I have been unsuccessful to reach someone despite many attempts. Today, I got an email where they said my request will be transferred to the relevant (?) department, but no eta for solving my issue, and no response when i asked. It has been several days now that i have been trying to set-up my Payments, and the experience is very frustrating. I feel the level of customer support has become very poor, and it makes me wonder if it worths switching from Square to Wave. Any tip on how i can reach someone at Wave to help ? Thank you!


  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @Delph

    I see that you reached out to our team via ticket and they've got our developers looking into the state of your account! My apologies that this is the case. Once our dev team looks into this they should have a better understanding of how it can be fixed! Take care :smile:

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