Feature Request: Contracts Feature

davidsteindesigndavidsteindesign Member Posts: 4

It would be wonderful to have a Contracts feature in the Sales section. To be able to send contracts / docs out of digital signature with an attachced Estimate. If nothing else, at least a more robust Estimate interface with ability to attach contracts. Currently exporting as a PDF and sending as email. I can even combine the Wave Estimate PDF with my Contract, but would be nice to have them coming from same place, be trackable through Wave.



  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,910 admin

    Hey there @davidsteindesign

    Thanks so much for your contribution in the community! This is something that we've heard previously from community users before. Unfortunately I'm not sure that contracts are something Wave will be implementing in the near future. Attachments however is something we're hoping comes in future updates! Take care :smile:

  • davidsteindesigndavidsteindesign Member Posts: 4

    Thanks. I'll take attachments :-) - then at least the invoice can be marked as sent w/o me having to manually do that - any steps saved are helpful.

  • Shae_MarcuShae_Marcu Member Posts: 6

    Hi I'd just like to second @davidsteindesign's idea. I would also love to have either feature. Hoping for Wave to add a Contracts page like it does for invoices so that my invoices and contracts match and can be saved all on one platform under the Sales section. This would be so helpful! I'll also take attachments, but hoping Wave will add a Contract creator one day. :-)

  • blackspotblackspot Member Posts: 2

    I definitely agree with the previous posters, Waveapps needs to be able to send out contracts. OR at least, attach them so they can be tracked in the system. Otherwise, we're switching back and forth between platforms in order to manage our client's contracts.

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,910 admin

    Hey @blackspot

    At this point we have not heard of this coming down the pipeline for future updates. I do apologize about this. Remember that there is a workaround of course of downloading your invoice as a PDF. On Mac computers, you have the ability to edit a PDF and add other files to it including your contract.

  • blackspotblackspot Member Posts: 2

    True. But Barsin, the issue is not creating the contracts. It's having a contract workflow that integrates with the invoicing. So a client could sign the contract, pay the down payment, or whatever the agreement says, and it is trackable along the way. Don't get me wrong, you guys do A LOT OF THINGS RIGHT so please don't take this as me being unsatisfied. I love your service, the fact I can manage my books and accept credit cards, great dashboard, and all for no monthly payment. It's a great deal. But I would pay for the contract integration. And I would bet, most serious freelancers would do the same.

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