Ability to save payment terms by Vendor (30 days for vendor A, and 45 days for vendor B)

skardamaplefarmsskardamaplefarms Member Posts: 3

Is there a way to save payment terms by Vendor. For example, I have two Vendors (say Vendor A and Vendor B) that we invoice. Vendor A's payment terms are 30 days but Vendor B's payment terms is 45 days. I can set a default for payment terms for invoicing (say 30 days) however I have to go in and manually change the payment terms for invoices sent to vendor B. It's just a hassle step I'd like to avoid. Seems to make more sense to save Payment terms by Vendor. Can this be done?


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,869 admin

    Hey @skardamaplefarms , currently this isn't a feature in Wave. It looks like you've posted this in the right spot though (Feature Ideas) so other users can continue to contribute their thoughts and ideas on why they would need this for their business.

  • JamesBumgarnerJamesBumgarner Member Posts: 1

    I agree this would be a great feature. I have multiple vendors who are Net 30, Net 45, and Net 60 and having to remember who is who is difficult/challenging. There isn't even a Note field in the vendor to add this information in so I can remind myself to change the due date manually (also a hassle, but better than nothing).

    Also, I see where I can set terms for invoices I send out to my customers, but not where I can set some sort of default for bills I receive. Where is that setting located?

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    Keep a separate hardcopy contact list for vendors because you'll need the first name field in the app. In waveapp, in the first name field under each vendor, put the credit terms. Anything in that field will show up under the vendor's name in the vendor list in the app. I use that feature a lot to put a business' alternative name in, for instances where the business name is different than the name that shows up in banking statements. Otherwise, I get confused. What company is that?
    For what? Alternatively print out a vendor list and put their credit terms next to it for reference.

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