PCS banking issue

micklefordmickleford Member Posts: 13

My bank uses pcsbanking.net and since April 15 I have not been able to import any transactions. I deleted the connection and upon attempting to reconnect, I get an invalid credentials error. I've tried numerous times over the past 2 weeks and cannot get it to connect again. I can successfully log in to my bank account trough their site, but wave just will not accept the correct credentials. Any ideas?


  • micklefordmickleford Member Posts: 13


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @mickleford! Unfortunately, with the move to the new banking platform, several connections that were previously working will now no longer be supported. I understand that this is something that greatly impacts your workflow, and I do apologize. In stead of these connections working, I'd recommend manually uploading your credit card or bank statements, as that will be the most reliable way to have that transactional data import. Again, I'm very sorry for this inconvenience.

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