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HydraFloHydraFlo Member Posts: 9

Can estimates have a 'Sent' status? According to the help documentation, they can. However, when I send estimates (using the Gmail option, not through WAVE), they do not get a status of Sent. Furthermore there is no option to 'mark as sent' as there is with Invoices. Can anyone assist me in marking my estimates as 'Sent'? I have to use the Gmail option for sending them, as my estimates have multiple image attachments when sending (and I don't think you can attach images when sending through WAVE?).
I LOVE Wave - game changer for our business.


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 2,417 admin

    Hi @HydraFlo , estimates will only show a sent status in Wave if they are sent through Wave itself. If you send them through gmail for example, this doesn't integrate naturally to display the sent status. With that being said, I'm afraid you do have to send them through the platform to have them marked as such and this isn't something that we can do on our end.

    PS. glad to hear you're loving the software :smiley:

  • HydraFloHydraFlo Member Posts: 9

    Thanks for the response. As a work-around, after sending each estimate, we then send it again - using wave - to our personal address. Ideally there would be a 'mark as sent' option (this has been requested in another thread already though).

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