WaveConnect - Import successful BUT with date end up 1 day earlier

AussieAussieAussieAussie Member Posts: 10

HI, using waveconnect, successfully importing the data
but the date is 1 day earlier. is there a problem with waveconnect ?

try 2019/12/16 and 2019-12-16
turn up after importing is 2019-12-15 on my waveapp transaction ?


  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 2,041 admin

    Hey there @AussieAussie

    I think the issue that you're experiencing is one we've seen before for some of our overseas users.
    Typically we've seen some users whose transaction dates are incorrect and this has to do with timezone settings which can be changed by following the settings in the image below!

    You can change these back once you're done. My apologies about this error!

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