Feature request: One-time customers

SaferCyclingCalgarySaferCyclingCalgary Member Posts: 8

(I posted this in Using Wave as a question, but am also posting here as a feature request)

Virtually all of my customers are one-time customers. I teach cycling courses and right now I have set up a Customer as "Course Registration" and then I put the person's name in the Notes. However, because the Notes field can't be searched, I have to record the invoice number in a separate spreadsheet so I can find their invoice if they need a reprint or if I need to do a refund or something.

I would love if I didn't have to create a new customer for every registration, which would mean that I wouldn't have to record the invoice number in a separate spreadsheet, and it would make the invoices more personalized for the customers (they'd see their name at the top rather than in the footnote).

Does that make sense? Is it possible?


  • MicroEMicroE Member Posts: 12

    I know you can't do this right now, since customers can't be removed once they're created until all invoices linked to them has been deleted, and if you change the details of one of your clients, it'll retroactively change you past invoices to match.

    With that said, if you don't want to keep track of much more information than your customers' names, you can stop there. Waveapps doesn't mind if your customer doesn't have an address, or any other detail.

    And for tracking past invoices, you can find them all if you click on Customer Statements. There's a box on there you can uncheck to see both paid and unpaid invoices.

  • JKTowingJKTowing Member Posts: 3

    Our Auto Towing business has fewer than a dozen repeat customers. It's complicated, but for John Doe to turn in our invoice for possible insurance reimbursement he needs his name on the invoice. Right now we use a "Prepay / Other" customer and show John Doe in the line item description. If we created a customer for every John Doe we'd have thousands of them which is just not practical for anybody.

  • SaferCyclingCalgarySaferCyclingCalgary Member Posts: 8
    Exactly what I'm getting at, JKTowing. I don't have any interest in creating/saving the thousands of individuals who buy from me, but there's no method in Wave to make this easy. And then if I do, for a one-off situation, then I can never delete or even hide that customer.
    Putting the name in the line-item area is not much different than in the notes, but can that be searched? At least then I wouldn't need to track the invoice number in a separate spreadsheet associated with their name.

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