When did you take the leap?

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In one of our latest posts on Bravely Go, From bored to boss, we profile four entrepreneurs like yourselves and share the stories of their transitions or pivots into the exciting and sometimes challenging world of small business ownership.

This got me wondering: when did you make the decision to own your own business? Was there a moment you can pin down, or were you just never quite comfortable in a 9-to-5 office environment? I'd love to hear more stories like these from the Community.


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    @Dante Bulluck @mot @Jenna Huertas @UHRP3 @Kimpton @shoaib @julieoncloud9 really interested in this as someone who has thought about business ownership but never moved beyond the ideation stage - how do you get there?

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    @Alexia @Katie Silkina and you! :D What did you think of the article?

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    It's all very relatable stuff to me!

    Although I didn't end up starting my own business, a few years back, I felt trapped in a job, and a field, that wasn't for me. It took some time to gather up the courage to leave, but I eventually did! I sold almost everything I owned to move out of my hometown and to Toronto, with dreams of starting something completely different.

    I packed up my cats, and my partner and I moved in with old friends of ours, and we tried our luck here!

    Sometimes, and I'm sure our Wavers agree, you just have to take the plunge and see what happens. It worked out great for me. I found my place in the city, and at Wave!

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    @KanataPhotographer would you share your story with us?

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    A client was asking for me to submit info to be added to their payroll. That was the kick-off for me. I came home one day after that conversation and decided it would be best for me and my partner to apply for a Master Business License. 6 months later it is still the best push I have been given.

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    Wow! These are all incredible stories! Such diversity in what leads people to taking that first step towards starting their own business.

    I am sure it was a heavy ball to get rolling but we all know that momentum is a powerful thing. What did you find was the most challenging part about getting up-and-running once you decided to give it a go?

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    Finding and earning an income through invoicing was very hard in the early months of my operation. We were waiting up to 90 days to get paid on the smallest projects. Some of our clients were big corporations and didn't recognize our struggle.
    By continually satisfying customer's needs we earned a better turn-over on our invoices with repeat business/preferred contracts. Work hard and smile often. Don't let them see you sweat mentally. It's not supposed to be easy; that is why success feels so good! Develop that business relationship and performance that keeps clients coming back.

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    @Ace said:
    ...It's not supposed to be easy; that is why success feels so good!...

    Love that thinking! :)

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    I love these stories. @orangreene I can't wait to check out that game, please let us know when it's out! :smile:

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