Tax Report isnt pulling through any figures . . . help please

Hugo121Hugo121 Member Posts: 2

Hi Guys,
For some reason the tax report isn't reflecting any of my 15% VAT payments on my purchases. All my bills are subject the 15% VAT but nothing reflects. . . Any suggestions?


  • WilWil Member Posts: 2

    Same error happens to me. Did you found the solution?

  • Hugo121Hugo121 Member Posts: 2

    Yes . . . turns out if you dont mark the tax box as recoverable it won't do the calculations. Unfortunately, you cant change the current tax setting you can only delete it and then add the new setting. Pain in the arse but it works.

    • Just add the new sales tax setting first (Maybe name it "new tax" for the moment)make sure you mark the tax as recoverable.
      *then try to delete the old tax setting. It will give you an error with all the transactions that have that incorrect setting.

    • Then open each transaction as a new tab and remove the old tax and add the "new tax".

    Once the old tax is deleted it would mean you've made the adjustment on all your transactions and the report would be accurate. If the old tax still can't be deleted it obviously means there are some transactions where it still appears and those transactions won't appear on the report. Hope it makes sense.

    Settings > Sales Taxes > Create Sales Tax!

  • WilWil Member Posts: 2

    Awesome! THANK YOU! This solved my problem as well. Too bad there isn't a way to just change the settings! Thanks a billion!

  • Kristian_GKristian_G Administrator Posts: 56 admin

    Hey @Hugo121 @Wil!

    Hugo is right in that the reason why the taxes aren't showing up in your report, is almost certainly because they have not been checked as "recoverable." He's also right in saying that you'll need to create a new tax on the Settings > Sales Taxes page, and mark it as recoverable (I recommend naming them something slightly different so you can easily tell them apart). Then, you will indeed need to edit the transactions with the old tax applied, and switch them over to the new one.

    The good news is that you don't need to do so one by one by opening up in a new tab, but instead, can bulk select all of the relevant transactions at once, and then edit the tax that's applied to them in one go. This should hopefully save you a bit of time and effort :smile:

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