Have you pivoted your business in response to COVID-19?

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With our world impacted by the spread of the coronavirus, we've all had to adapt to change. We're looking to our community of small business owners to find those who have completely pivoted or in some way reimagined their business model in response to COVID-19. Whether you're consulting other entrepreneurs on navigating through these tough times, creating hand sanitizer or masks, or decided to take this time to change your business model - we want to hear from you!


  • BridgitteBridgitte Member Posts: 2
     I have a personal life coaching and counseling business that I have been planning to transition to a virtual practice.  I thought it would be a nice retirement plan to keep money coming in until at least when I can collect SS at 67 or longer.
     have been learning and planning for almost a year.  It has been a challenge to do since some insurance companies would cover the services and others would not, to get new clients to trust that they will enjoy this new way of providing support, and to make all of the updates to my program, technology, forms etc. (still working on it).  POOF overnight both my full-time day job and my coaching/counseling business for retirement are 100% virtual.  It has been crazy trying to keep up with all of the changes/updates from many sources, helping others to use the services, and  learning new technologies.
     Now I am wondering if I will even go back to my day job.  I am having a difficult time deciding whether to go out now and go full time working for myself or wait three years to obtain 75% payment of my health insurance.  If I leave now they will pay 50% which results in my paying an extra $300.00 per month for 6 years until I qualify for medicare then it will be less.
     Then all three of my partners in my counseling practice decided they will retire in two years.  I now have to choose if I want to take over the business along with my virtual practice.

    I would either have to rent out 3 offices, hire employees or just stay with my original plan on being a 100% virtual practice. At first I was going to turn it down but then I realized I should at least study the idea. They would be turning over the entire practice to me at no cost, let me start building it up before they retire with discounted rent, and provide business coaching while I go through the transition. (website, advertising, recognized name in the community, current rental space, 3 fully furnished offices and all supplies)
    If anyone has any ideas on how to do a cost benefit analysis on this decision it would be greatly appreciated. My skills are much stronger on the helping people side than on the business analysis side.
    Thinking about the pandemic and how we may be going in and out of social distancing for the next few years makes me even more cautious about having an office space. It is wonderful to be able to work from home (or anywhere else you choose) but is is also isolating not having your work colleagues around you. Thank you for listening, this has been a most interesting and strange process that we are all going through. This is something people will be talking about for the next 100+ years. Best wishes to all of you who are struggling through this difficult time.

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    Sooooon not sure what happened with that post I just made above. Obviously I am still learning technology. It is a struggle. LOL!

  • Big_Rig_WrapsBig_Rig_Wraps Member Posts: 0

    On April 8th 2020, we launched the “Stay Home Save Lives Mobile Campaign.” The campaign consists of 53 ft trailers wrapped with public service messaging about COVID-19. The purpose of this initiative is to support provincial and federal efforts to raise awareness about how staying home can have a profound impact and help to flatten the curve and save lives. Please read more here: https://bigrigwraps.ca/stay-home-save-lives-campaign/

  • Leaf_MarketingLeaf_Marketing Member Posts: 2

    I was stood down/furloughed from my full-time marketing role. So my pivot was to use that time to start a completely new business.

    I started Leaf Marketing just over a month ago. I am based in Perth, Western Australia and have grown a client base both in Australia and overseas. I have been assisting some other new businesses get underway with their marketing. I have also been assisting existing businesses who are re-imagining their business model due to Covid-19.

    The most popular service has been setting up email templates and automation workflows in Mailchimp. I have also been providing web design and graphic design services.

    I have been really impressed with Wave, it is easy to use and provides so much at no cost.

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  • lecirlecir Member Posts: 6

    My name is Wayan Wira from Bali - Indonesia. My island was hit really hard by these situations. In Bali mainly the business relies on the tourism industry.

    I have 2 barbershops that focusing on the tourists market, one shop has temporarily closed down. While the other shop is on open half day from 10 am to 5 PM.

    What I did now to survive is maximizing asset that we had, we used to have 7 barber man. But now only one guy left. We offer barber to home service, we have lost money from the rent already, as rent in my country system is paid upfront for couple of years, usually a minimum of 2 years. This period of time had made me learn more everything online. The most important thing is to learn to be more patient and relax. Thanx to Wave to make my numbers more efficient, easy to read, and free!

    Greetings from Bali

    Wayan Wira at www.sharpedge.me

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  • Acts_and_CoActs_and_Co Member Posts: 2

    I am working to improve social media profile and build up a website and looking for more potential clients to grow my start up.

  • KaileyOliverKaileyOliver Member Posts: 1

    Due to covid, several businesses have pivoted or are deciding whether they should pivot or not. These are incredibly difficult decisions to make to say the least.

    Even in these uncertain times, all of us should try to take care of our customers and continue to build long term relationships with our clients. Putting customers first, keeping communication channels open using live chat app, and being proactive is the only way to give businesses some form of normality.

  • Richard_GondranRichard_Gondran Member Posts: 1

    @CMandia said:
    Like most others in here the time at home has allowed me to evaluate my clients more closely and offer more value add services and try out new potential/future service lines

    Not bad!

  • AccountsProAccountsPro Member Posts: 78


    Although I have an accounting practice, I view myself as a problem solver for business people. This is probably due to the fact that I also have a few decades of business experience as well as accounting.

    When COVID hit us and lockdown spread, I immediately realised that businesses need as much help as possible moving their businesses into a new era, where they can continue to operate and produce income.

    I used COVID-19 lockdown to move my business to 100% cloud-based.

    I now hold free online webinars showing people how they can adapt and evolve so that they can continue trading within the restrictions imposed on their respective countries. This has produced much excitment and direction, and in some cases pure joy - to those who had no clue how to proceed.

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