Transaction Details Missing From New Bank Sync Vendor & Wave Payments

christopherdaweschristopherdawes Member Posts: 9

Ever since the switchover to the "new and improved" bank sync vendor, none of my transactions have any information beyond a transaction number when I look at . The old vendor at least provided enough detail that I could identify what a transaction was. I now have to laboriously go back to my bank statement and/or the original transaction in PayPal or Venmo, then rekey all the information all over again into Wave Accounting. I had tried Wave Payments, thinking that it would carry the details over, but it was no better. This has increased the time and manual effort it takes to balance my books exponentially. I reported this several months ago, but have seen no improvement. If you can't correct this issue, then please revert back to your old vendor, who did a far better job. Thanks.


  • ConnorMConnorM Member Posts: 1,229 ✭✭✭

    Hey @christopherdawes! Thanks for reaching out here. I think you and I had spoken in a ticket back in late February, after which point I'd escalated this up to my banking partner. They didn't actually reach back out to me until last week - something I had overlooked up until now, so it's a good thing we've crossed paths once more.

    What they've let me know is that, as of April 7th, this was updated, and it should be working much better now with regards to pulling in the correct description in your transaction titles. Have you seen any improvements as of late? Unfortunately, this would not be a retroactive fix, so for any transactions that have been pulled in from your bank before that April 7th date, you're going to want to change those manually. If you haven't seen any improvements around that April 7th date, please let me know, and I can look into this further for us!

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