Are we Secure?

BobbyJoBobbyJo Member Posts: 2

I recently had a discussion with the former treasurer of our group. I invited him to return as an observer. He said the invitation did not work, so he used his old password from 3 years ago. and got full access. This worries me.


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @BobbyJo! Thanks for reaching out here, and I can totally understand your concerns with regards to security here. Thankfully, I think I've got a pretty straightforward explanation for what has happened here. When you invite someone as a collaborator on an account, that collaborative account will be available to them until you remove their access. That access can be removed from the Settings > Users section in your Wave business. With that said, that would be the reason why the invitation that you'd sent didn't work; they already had a collaborator account. That would by why their old login information had worked, as well :)

  • BobbyJoBobbyJo Member Posts: 2

    That, in NO way answers my concern.

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