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I've been trying to use the upload a statement function since the 11th. (I had successfully uploaded a statement the previous day.) I've tried on different companies. I've tried different statements - ones in the identical format of the one that I successfully uploaded. Every time I try, I get the "We’re in maintenance mode" message. I sent a support request on the 11th but have not heard anything back since then. Any thoughts? Thanks.


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    Hey there @David_Mark

    I see Sam reached out to you with an answer that sufficed! I'll repost it hear for the community members.

    Wave has a couple of options when it comes to uploading your transactions without a bank connection:

    CSV Uploader

    Using our CSV uploader. With the proper formatting, you are able to download a CSV document containing all of your transactions from your online banking website, and upload them directly to Wave. Check out this article on Troubleshooting your csv upload if you run into any problems when uploading your transactions.

    Wave Connect

    My personal favorite method is WAVE CONNECT.
    Wave Connect allows you to upload or download transactional data, invoices, customer lists, etc, into a Google spreadsheet. Your excel files can be easily transferred into a Google Spreadsheet as well. See this image below of what Wave Connect looks like:
    image All you need to do is input the transactional information into a template that is generated through the add-on feature in Google sheets and it auto-populates right into your Wave account once you've validated the data.

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