Advance on 4% Vacation Time Payout

this_is_bad_designthis_is_bad_design Member Posts: 3

Can we track vacation by hours instead by selecting the "Payout Vacation" option for an employee? (See screenshot below) The employee is currently set with the "Accrue Vacation" option, and has worked through 2 pay periods already. I'm not clear what would happen to her existing vacation balance if I change this setting. (There is no help documentation about vacation setting that I can find, which is frustrating.)

This is a short term employee who will be with us less than a year, so we are providing the 4% vacation payout. But we also want to pay an advance on this vacation pay if the employee wants to take a week off during their employment. Is it possible to payout a portion of accrued vacation payout in Wave?

Does Wave have phone or live chat support?

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