What happens if I upload "Invoices" to a new account?

PanagiotisPanagiotis Member Posts: 7

Hi everyone, I am having trouble migrating to a new Wave account through wave connect / google sheets.

Specifically with uploading "products" and "customers", so I thought of a workaround.

What happens if I upload "invoices" to a new account (through wave connect) without uploading "products" and "customers"?

Will it create new products/customers taking the data from the invoices?

It would be great if it does, but if it doesn't I will have to manually delete every invoice so that would not be great.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks in advance.


  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi Panagiotis @Panagiotis! If you are having any troubles with uploading your invoices via Wave Connect, please make sure that the customers and products you are entering in the Google Sheet already exist in your Wave business. If they do not, navigate to your business profile in Wave, add the customers and products, and re-attempt the invoice upload through Google Sheets.

    You can find more information and tips about the Wave Connect integration in our Help Center article

    Please let me know if you are still experiencing any troubles with this and we would be glad to take another look!

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  • PanagiotisPanagiotis Member Posts: 7

    Hi @EmmaP thanks for your reply. I posted on a separate post, that I have a problem uploading the products to the new account.

    Here is what I wrote in the other post, but it applies here as well, as it's part of the same problem.

    ---STEPS SO FAR---
    1. I have setup the new account, and given access to it within the old account
    2. I have connected the old + new accounts through google sheets and wave connect
    3. I have downloaded the products and customers from the old account
    4. I try to upload the products from the old account -> new one but validation fails (see below)

    ---WHERE I AM STUCK---I am stuck when I try to upload the products to the new account, through google sheets.

    When I try to validate the data in step 2, I get an error saying "Required Column Product Name not found".

    I checked the new account (by downloading the empty "products" into a new sheet) and the title of the first column is "Name".

    So I renamed the first column from the old account from "Product name" -> "Name" so it matches the new account.

    I still get the same error of "Required Column Product Name not found".

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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