Description details not visible on screen and print

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Great effort, entire time of Wave Community deserve appreciation!

Kindly guide me on following point:

While recording payments or expense, I add description. After saving all the transaction, description / narration is neither visible in screen nor in print. Its difficult to recall the transaction from vendor or customer name.

Please guide me how to fix this error?



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    Hi @consulting360.

    If you're talking about the memos you can add when you record a payment to a bill, this is not a description, but a private note you can see if you expand that specific bill after a payment.

    The description column for a transaction is simply the name of the transaction. For bills, it'll either be "[Name of the vendor] - [Item]" or "Bill payment", depending on the case.

    If you want to change the description of bill payments, you can rename them on the Transactions page.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Hi Alexia

    Grateful for you response. Kindly review the attached file. There are two issues

    1. Description is not visible in while reviewing the account transaction sheet.
    2. Slide 03 of attached file shows a payment on Jan 10, 2018, which is not reflecting in transaction sheet. (Error is applicable to other transaction made on Jan 29, 2018.


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi @consulting360,

    The description of the transaction and the description of the line item on a bill are not meant to match. Descriptions of line items on bills are simply notes to better understand your bills, just like they are on invoices.

    As for the payment, have you tried deleting it and re-entering that payment? The payment should show up on that date on your transactions page, as well as on your Accounts Transactions report.

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