Is there a way to view a log of the history of reminders sent out to clients ?

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Is there a way to view and keep track of, the history log of reminders (for paying invoices), sent out to clients ?
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    @AndrewGeorge There isn't a way to keep a log/history of every single reminder sent for invoices. I recommend scheduling them in your Settings > Invoice Customization so you have a schedule of them. Take a look at the article on Invoice Reminders here!

    Would love to hear more about how this would be a useful feature for you so I can pass on your thoughts to the product team! Cheers!

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    Hi @JessG, thanks for getting back to me.

    As a condominium operator, there are many residents that need reminding of their dues. Unfortunately 'reminders' often have to be tackled on an individual basis, as some defaulters require special payment agreements (often, figuring this out, after first payment is requested).
    Furthermore till the bank statement is checked, and payments registered accordingly in wave, (some client payments take time to clear, once deposited, especially if a cheque is from another bank - till it is registered and processed can take time) ... requires regular monitoring, before sending out a reminder to keep good faith with clients.

    I'm not sure i've made myself understood.

    Thank you

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    @Andrew_George Thank you for sharing the details! Super helpful to our product team here.
    Just wanted to correct my previous post so it includes more details and is a little bit more specific to how reminders are actually tracked. So though you cannot see a track history/log of every reminder sent, you can however see how many reminders you've sent and the date of the last reminder. In Get Paid section of your invoice (Sales > Invoices). This will appear as so:

    I hope this is works for your business and my details in this second reply are more helpful!

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