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Firstly, I'm not an accountant. I don't know the ins and outs of government allowances, money saving tips, tricks, and schemes, but I do know about running businesses. Running a range of businesses over the last 25+ years, coupled with helping countless businesses large and small in getting up and running, being compliant, and most importantly making running a business as simple and easy for them, I have learned about how to get the most out of systems. Making sure that you run your business, and make the system support your business, and not twisting and contorting your business to match the tools, or to try to adapt.
Let's face it, we don't run our businesses to become experts in sales, marketing, advertising, technology, or accounting, unless that is the business, and we already are.
Instead, we want to make those things as easy for ourselves as possible.
This is where I come in. Taking anything complicated and making it simple, I want to run online training courses in Wave, designed for the business owner, to make their lives simple, input records as effortlessly as possible, and not designed to train people to become pseudo-accountants.

Wave is a great application for easy capture of information, no matter what your mindset. Whether you're someone who wants to input in advance, do a daily or weekly, or someone who wants to adhoc take time to get the information into the system, Wave can accommodate this all.
And I've learned not only how to do it, but have the expertise to teach it to others in so that it sticks, no matter what your preferred approach.
I've also developed loads of tips and tricks to help make sure that nothing is overlooked.
And best of all, once it is entered, it's easy for an accountant to come in, run through it with you, and to work together to quickly and easily modify what is needed (such as categories or VAT/sales tax)

So why this post?

I like people using tools properly. So I'm going to put together a range of training videos, and set up some live training sessions, to help people to be able to make 'doing the accounts' as painlessly as possible.
So the question is - is this of interest?

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