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We have been using Wave for a while now, and plan to upgrade to payroll processing and 1099 filings. We don't have any employees, so everyone is a contractor. Is there a way to create a recurring contractor payment if we know the payment every pay period? And, to ensure I understand the payroll fee, is it $35 per month base plus $6 per contractor paid in that month or is it $6 per contractor payment. This is important for us because we could end up paying the same contractor 4-6 times in one month. The difference would be $6 vs $24 (4 payments to contractor) for one contractor. We have about 10 contractors that could be included in that scenario, so big potential cost difference.



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    Hey @MarkusDraftHire! Thanks for reaching out here, that's a solid question that I'm sure a few other people are wondering as well. At present, there isn't a way to create recurring contractor payments. With that said, you do have the ability to navigate to Purchases > Bills, click the arrow on the far right side of the page beside the bill you'd like to duplicate, and duplicate that bill so you don't have to input all of that contractors pay again.

    With regards to the fee, it is an extra $6 per contractor paid in that month, which would mean that it would be each unique contractor you pay. If you pay the same contractor several times, it would only be one charge of $6 for that contractor. I hope that helps!

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