Tracking expenses not in a connected account

Bob_BCIndustriesBob_BCIndustries Member Posts: 1

Sorry for what may be a crazy question (I'm not an Accountant on purpose).

I have a one person consulting business and I often have expenses that I incur long before my invoices are paid. I'm living on a shoestring while I'm building so I don't have enough cash onhand to cover the expenses until I get paid.

I have a business Checking account connected to Wave, but often use personal credit cards to cover the necessary expenses until I get paid. I know I should have a dedicated business card for this, but I don't yet.

My question is regarding the best practice for tracking these expenses. Should I simply submit an expense report once my invoice is paid and use that to pay the cards?

I'm wanting to ensure that the expenses I incur are reflected in my P&L for tax purposes.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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