Error completing Stripe setup

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Hi everyone, hoping someone can help.

I've just started accepting credit card payments, and have received my first payment.
After going through to complete the Stripe setup, I get this error message.

You cannot unrequest capabilities through the Accounts API after having set them. Instead, you should use the Capabilities API. Please contact if you have any questions.

I contacted Stripe, and they said it's a Wave issue.



  • RockyRocky Member Posts: 3

    @BarsinA @ConnorM
    Hi team, any help would be very much appreciated.

  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 1,528 admin

    Hey there @Rocky

    First off let me apologize that you may have been given erroneous advice here, however when it comes to issue with Stripe payments, we have very limited insight on our end. Currently I am seeing an error saying that your account requires additional information:

    The account owner needs to provide more information to Stripe to enable payouts on this account.
    Product description
    Terms of service acceptance

    They do require further info from you so please reach. back out to them and let them know that this case needs to be handled by them. Only they'll be able to collect the additional info to activate your payout account.

  • RockyRocky Member Posts: 3

    Cheers, thank you @BarsinA

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