Is it possible to configure a Zap to Mark Wave invoices as paid?

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I have a project management tool that already performs generation of invoices based on project task activity logs. I managed to create a zap that automatically duplicates my customers, and invoices into Wave. My customers will pay me using a Paypal button I've added to the tool or via physical check. I want to only mark the invoices as paid in the project management tool. My goal is to use Wave purely for the accounting.

Any tips on how to configure a zap for marking invoices as paid from a target app such as Avaza?


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    Hello @permaphrost,

    Our APIs currently do not support marking an invoice as Paid, so this will not be possible via Zapier. Right now, your options would be to add the payment manually in Wave, or alternatively - having successfully created the Invoice in Wave with Zapier - send the invoice and allow customers to pay it online. Wave will automatically update the payment status and the accounting.

    As new features become available in our APIs, we will look at opportunities to add more Actions within Zapier.

    Sorry I can't propose any more automated solution for right now.

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    I understand. Thanks Paul. I appreciate the response. I’ll keep an eye out for new features.
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    Does Wave support SAML 2.0 integrations? Sorry, this question was answered in another post.

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