Amount of Trial Balance, Aged of Receivables and Payable and GL is not tally.

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Hi everyone, The amount in my Trial Balance, Aged and General Ledger for Account Receivables doesn't same at all. For Account Payables, only for Aged Payables doesn't same with Trial Balance and General Ledger Amount. Hoepfully everyone and Wave Team can give the best advise on how to tally the amount. Really urgent since my upper management really concern on this matter.

As at 31st December 2019,

Trial Balance of
Account Receivables : 1,149,068.98
Account Payables : 1,523,060.04

Aged of
Receivables : 1,170,379.65
Payables : 1,574,546.01

General Ledgers of
Account Receivables : 1,500,868.98
Account Payables : 1,523,060.04


  • AlexLAlexL Administrator Posts: 1,569 admin

    Hi @FatenLatif . I think I know what the issue here is. The Aged Payable and Aged Receivable reports only take into calculation your Invoices and Bills where as the General Ledger will take into account manual transactions.

    The best way to look through this would be to screen your General Ledger for any manual transactions which should make up the difference.

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