NEW: Direct deposit with Wave

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imageNEW: Direct deposit with Wave

This article applies to Wave Payroll in Canada.
We’re bringing the direct deposit process in-house to give you more control and deeper insights into the payroll process. Read on for what’s changed....

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  • Alec_HunterAlec_Hunter Member Posts: 4
    Article has nothing to do with anything we are having trouble with. Really starting to regret getting involved with this " business" no phone help, no text help, no actual reference material and ... If you get stuck they want you to email, THROUGH THEIR TEXT APP!! .. and hopefully you'll get an email back, but we know that the email that comes back will be another dead end.
  • EmmaPEmmaP Administrator Posts: 639 admin

    Hi @Alec_Hunter! I see you are currently in conversations with our Support team. I'll leave you to keep it going through there. You're in good hands!

  • threesthrees Member Posts: 2

    The message is that I am incorrect in my credentials, but I logged out of WAVE and signed in to my bank account just to make sure my password was correct and I was entering it correctly.

  • gimmi80gimmi80 Member Posts: 2

    I've been very happy with the Waveapps support and service. I've been a customer since the early times.

  • CalliePCallieP Administrator Posts: 360 admin

    Hey @threes , thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you're having some payroll setup issues. I would recommend submitting a ticket to our Support team, where a dedicated agent can take a closer look at your account with you!

    @gimmi80 , thank you so much for your feedback! We're so glad you're enjoying using Wave & interacting with our Support team. We're glad to have you, too! :)

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