Transferring invoices from Old Wave to New Wave

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Wave community,

We have been using Wave for the last 8 years. We started using it when I started the company with a very small amount of billing. It has now grown to over a 10M a year company that is expected to be over 15M this year. Wave has allowed us quick access to our invoices, and a great tool to help grow our company.

Last week we received the email from Kirk stating that we were on the old Wave system and we would need to transfer to the new wave system. We started going through the process and we found a concerning item. We did not see a way to transfer the 15,000 invoices from our old system to the new system without rebuilding all of them individually.

I wanted to reach out to the community to see if you knew a quick way, rather than rebuilding 15,000 invoices? Or worst case, if anyone was interested in being contracted to get these invoices transferred?

Since we are often asked by our clients for past invoices and details from years ago having them just all be deleted at the end of may would severely handicap us. Also, having 15,000 invoices built by my internal team would take a massive amount of time that we wouldn't have.

Please let me know if we could have a discussion about any options there might be. Thank you in advance for any help.

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