Formatting of negative values on invoices inconsistent

TaylorGray_SATaylorGray_SA Member Posts: 2

If I put a negative value in on the invoice, when I down load to PDF to send to customer the column called Price shows the negative value in brackets and then the Amount column on the end shows the value with a minus sign in front. Its not consistent and doesn't look good. Is there a setting ive missed where this can be set to show both columns the same, or if this a feature that can be fixed?

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  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,314 admin

    Hi @TaylorGray_SA.

    Thank you for bringing this up! You are right, there's something going on here and it isn't on your end.

    We're looking into getting this fixed so that the format is consistent. I can't give you a timeline on when it'll be resolved, but we have it on our radar and will work on making your invoices better as soon as we can.

  • TaylorGray_SATaylorGray_SA Member Posts: 2

    That's great to hear its nothing on my end and I'm so please to hear its being working on! Really is a must to get fixed, so our invoices can remain looking professional! Ill be on the look out for the update!

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    Hi, @TaylorGray_SA.

    I absolutely agree! Thanks again for bringing it up! I can't give you a timeline for when this will be fixed, but it is on our engineers'' to-do list.

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