Can I set a different email for each of my accounts?

schvankusschvankus Member Posts: 1

I have two businesses setup in Wave.

My main business uses my business email.

My second business uses my personal email.

Both of my email addresses have been entered in Wave.

I can't see any way to choose a primary email address for EACH INDIVIDUAL business.

When I go to Emails & Connected Accounts, I can make one address my Primary address, but that changes it globally, so now both accounts use that same address.

Is this feature available? If so, please let me know how to set this feature up. It seems like it should be easy!


  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 687 admin

    Hey @Glenn, thanks for reaching out here. Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available within Wave. I'm sorry about the inconvenience this causes you and your business, but you should be able to edit which email sends each invoice from your invoice sending screen. If both of your emails are added and verified in your account, you will have the option to choose which to send from, though one of those two will always be the default.

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