Credit and Debits reversed during CC auto-import

lorie_332lorie_332 Member Posts: 1

Hi - when Wave imported my credit card statements, it flipped the debits to credits and vice versa. How can I fix this? I figured I could strip out all of the data for the one account & manually upload a file, but I've already tied many transactions between accounts. Thanks!


  • EmmaPEmmaP Member Posts: 639 ✭✭✭

    Hi @lorie_332! I'm sorry to hear about the issue you had with the upload. For the transactions you have already tied between accounts are have they been corrected or are they incorrect? If incorrect, you could bulk delete all transactions and then start over with a new upload.

    Otherwise, you could delete the transactions that have not yet been modified, and upload those again. To do this, go to: Accounting > Transactions > click 'Filter > click 'More Filters'. Select the 'last modified date' as the date you uploaded the transactions. This should pull up all transactions uploaded on that date. It is important to look through these filtered transactions as you might have been modifying or categorizing other transactions on this date that you might not want to include when doing a bulk delete. After deleting the unmodified transactions, you would have to edit the statement upload so that only the deleted transactions are uploaded again. Otherwise you could upload a statement without making edits to it and then reconcile your account straight away. This would uncover any duplicate or incorrect transactions you need to remove. It depends on how many transactions you are dealing with that have been correct/not corrected.

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