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I searched before posting but wasn't able to find the answer.
I would like to add another payment method to the existing list but I can't seem to find out out to do it:
Referring to step 3 on the invoice. Clicking on the "Record a Payment" button brings up a pop-up and under Payment Method I would like a new option. Can anybody help please?
Many thanks


  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    Hi @gjces.

    What payment method are you looking for? Wave doesn't currently allow you to add new payment methods, but maybe I can make a suggestion on how to handle your payment. As a worst-case scenario, you always have the option to choose "Other" and add a note to the payment specifying what that means.

  • gjcesgjces Member Posts: 2

    Hi Alexia, thank you for your reply. I have a card reader (iZettle) and when a customer pays using their debit card, I'd like to record it in the payment method on the invoice. For example:
    If a customer pays by bank transfer, the invoice is updated with:
    "A payment for . ‎was made using a bank payment."
    However, if I select 'other', the invoice is updated with:
    "A payment for . ‎was made." and the rest of the sentence is missing.
    Ideally, I would like it to read:
    "A payment for . ‎was made using iZettle."

  • AlexiaAlexia Administrator Posts: 3,315 admin

    It might be a good idea to post this as a feature idea, @gjces. If you're interested in doing that, read this post first. It explains everything you need to know to let us know how this would improve your business' workflows.

    For now, however, you'll have to choose another one of the options offered when you accept a payment.

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