Invoice coming from the wrong person

StormCreativeDesignStormCreativeDesign Member Posts: 4

One of my clients has flagged up that whenever I send an invoice to her it appears to come from a completely different company. The email 'From' field is filled with another companies name and not my company. This second company also uses Wave for their accounting. Is this an issue with your sending setup or something configured at their end?


  • BarsinABarsinA Administrator Posts: 874 admin

    Hey there @StormCreativeDesign

    My apologies you're experiencing this issue. It would be super helpful if you could send us some screenshots of what this looks like on your end.

    The email from field should be set to your primary email account in Wave. You can see this when you head to your business name at the top left > Manage your profile > Emails and connected accounts.

    When you press send on the email, these fields appear which can be changed depending on how many primary emails you have on your Wave account

    The email is actually sent from [email protected] when it officially gets delivered to your client. this is our own server email and it cannot be changed unfortunately.

    If you could kindly send us a few more details to help investigate this that would be great!

  • StormCreativeDesignStormCreativeDesign Member Posts: 4

    Please see the attached screenshots showing my invoices mixed in with another company that uses Wave for their accounts also. Could it be the filter setting on my clients mailbox is incorrect?

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 730 admin

    Hey @StormCreativeDesign! Seeing as how we haven't seen many widespread reports of this happening at all, all of the signs at present point to the filtering on your client's inbox being incorrect. Definitely something that you might want to discuss further with them, but if they're adamant that there is something fishy going on, we'd love to help further if we can!

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