Discount Price for whole invoice need to Implemented in your application

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Dear Sir,


We are your existing customer - Webnoesys IT Solutions LLP with this as registered email id.

Consider this as request please from your valuable customers like us. We respect your work, your software and the service you are giving to us for the long period of time. Really Appreciated!!!

We just like to know is there any way to show the discounted amount for the whole invoice at top and bottom of the invoice next to "Total Amount Due" in your Waveapps Invoice Template.

The Subscription (-) Minus symbol make the negative value and discounted from the Total Amount, but for the whole Invoice, there should one discounted entry which shows how much discount we have given and for what purpose as small note end of the Invoice or top also good.

Sample Invoice with the discount format is attached for your reference to this email.

I believe this is basic functionality need to implement, please.
Thanks & Regards

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  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @webnoesys.

    At this juncture, you are right, it isn't possible to do this on a Wave invoice. You could always add a note manually to the footer of the invoice that totals the discounts on the invoice.

    Do you often have more than one discount attached to a given invoice? Can you give me a better idea of how your invoices look? There was no attachment to your original post.

    Also note that this is a public and searchable forum, and you've published a fair amount of personal information. If there's part of your post you'd rather not be public, please edit your post accordingly.

  • andr3yandr3y Member Posts: 3

    Hi, I am an electrician. when I do an estimate on site. I may add a discount as a negotiation tactic. First I let the customer review the estimate then I may add discount and then I invoice after the job is done.

  • Oli_EddieOli_Eddie Member Posts: 10

    You can still add discounts, @andr3y. You just can't add them as a percentage. All you have to do is add an item called "Discount" and give it a negative price.

  • jason1234jason1234 Member Posts: 36

    @Alexia @Oliver Eddie

    Yes, we can apply a negative number by adding the same item. However, are we able to tell how much discount we have given every month in the report?

    Cause other online systems have a account/class for discount. This enables us to track how much discount we have given every month/year.

  • AlexiaAlexia Member Posts: 3,314 ✭✭✭✭

    Hi, @jason1234.

    You can create an income account for discounts, in your Chart of Accounts, and assign it to your Discount item. You'll be able to keep track of your discounts in your reports this way.

  • jason1234jason1234 Member Posts: 36

    @Alexia Fantastic! Thanks!

  • webnoesyswebnoesys Member Posts: 3

    Great invoice feature company, great functionality and discount feature as & thank you

  • webnoesyswebnoesys Member Posts: 3
    Yes perfect to follow and use WaveApp application, we are highly satisfied with the feature and process and we will definitely refer it here under & and use it for our new business too. thanks for sharing such a valuable information with us. Expecting more feature releases and functionality. Thanks
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