Understanding the status of your receipt

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imageUnderstanding the status of your receipt

Once you upload your receipt, it moves through three steps in the process of preparing to upload to your accounting. Here you'll find an explanation of these steps in order to better understand whe...

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  • KateldKateld Member Posts: 1

    Hello, I'm new to Wave. Would like to understand more about Bills and Receipts. Whats the difference? Do I need to add a bill if I've already uploaded a receipt?

  • ConnorMConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 1,229 admin

    Hey @Kateld! The difference here would be that a Receipt is with relation to something you've purchased, whereas a Bill is related to an amount you owe, like an electricity bill, for example :) I hope that helps!

  • CoachKevinCoachKevin Member Posts: 2
    So, if I process a receipt and it gets entered into the account, and I also download transactions from my bank, will the receipt and DL transaction be matched or will there be two different transactions?
  • JCDJCD Member Posts: 10

    My receipts seems to be stuck in processing for a couple of hours now how do I get them posted

  • supakdeesupakdee Member Posts: 12
    My recent uploaded receipts were under processing status for a long time but when they’re ready, no info was read (no merchant name, no amount). This started to happen around 2 days ago.
    Please help
  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,910 admin

    Hey there, @CoachKevin

    They won't be matched automatically, but they can be merged instead.

    Hey @JCD @supakdee

    Sometimes the upload can take a bit longer than usual as our OCR may take a bit of time depending on the receipt of course.

  • ShannonSShannonS Member Posts: 3

    Is there a way to see whether each transaction has a receipt attached or not? Ideally in a list format or reconciliation-type situation, so I can quickly go through transactions that still need receipts?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,910 admin

    Hey there @ShannonS

    There is no way to view this in your transactions page at this moment. You can only see a list of your receipt transactions under Purchases > Receipts. Hope this helps to some degree!

  • ShannonSShannonS Member Posts: 3

    Do you have a suggested way of tracking that every expense has a receipt? My understanding is that if I ever get audited, I need receipts for everything, but I don't want to keep paper if I can have them uploaded to wave instead.
    So... my solution is maybe in the transactions screen, to only mark them as "reviewed" once a receipt is uploaded. My only concern is that there may be another purpose for the "reviewed" button that affects something elsewhere?
    What do you think? Are you aware of how other people are doing this?

  • BarsinBarsin Administrator Posts: 1,910 admin

    Hey there @ShannonS

    The main purpose of the green verified checkmark is to simply ensure that you've categorized the transaction and all of your details are reviewed and correct. Otherwise it doesn't necessarily achieve any other major effect in your Wave reports.

    Wave's receipts app allows you to upload only expense transactions through the purchases section. We currently don't have a method of attaching your receipts to every transaction, so for instance, if you make a bill payment and mark it as paid, this won't be able to have a receipt attached to it.

    Currently auditing every receipt in Wave is not something we have available but we appreciate you reaching out in our community about this!

  • ChellyBeanChellyBean Member Posts: 1

    7 of my receipts have been stuck in "processing" all day, and I am trying to get my tax info together for my accountant and I seem to be held up here. Is there a way to just manually enter the details and bypass this processing stage? I need to get my paperwork out the door! Thank you :)

  • JulianPJulianP Administrator Posts: 115 admin

    Hello @ChellyBean ! The "Processing" bar appears as Wave obtains the information from the receipt. This process usually takes a few minutes. If your receipt is "stuck" in this state for longer than usual, you can click the refresh button. If you are uploading your receipts via the mobile app, alternatively, you can upload your receipts via our web app or via email.

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