Unable to edit payment for an invoice

Matt_FMatt_F Member Posts: 2

I'm receiving this error when trying to edit a payment:
"Oops! There was an issue with editing your payment. Please try again."

I have an invoice in Wave, had the payment (a check deposit) from a linked bank account (with Azlo) get imported, and categorized that transaction as the payment for that invoice. When I go to that invoice and hit Edit Payment, I tried setting the Payment Method (which is blank by default) to Check, and received the error above.

The transaction date is set to 2/13 (the date it showed up in my bank account's transaction list), and Wave says was imported on 2/14. I wondered if Wave was blocking me from editing a payment more than a day old, so I set the transaction's date to 2/14 but still receive the error.

I also tried removing the payment, then recording a payment manually and setting it to a Check at that point so it was saved. When I went to Transactions, I can no longer categorize that payment as a payment for that invoice, because it's no longer outstanding and that's all Wave shows. Plus, even if that were a workaround, it's nice that Wave automatically records the payment when you pair/categorize a transaction as an invoice payment, so it'd be unfortunate to need the redundant second step just to say "Hey, this was paid with a check."

Is this a known issue? Something temporarily happening with the system? Thanks for your help!

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